WIND DEFLECTORS - Window Graphics

What can be better than a comfortable ride with side windows opened? Unfortunately even average speed driving causes wind streams and rain drops blow directly into the cab spoiling the pleasure of fresh air and comfortable trip. But there is a modern and elegant solution for this nasty trouble.

Wind Deflector (Rain Guards) is useful exterior accessory that helps you to enjoy fresh air in your car, without noisy wind and rain drops hitting in the face. No matter what speed you are driving at, you will find it more comfortable and easy to handle your car in adverse weather conditions.

Side Windows Rain Guards presented in our online catalogue are made from excellent quality 3 mm thick see-through tinted acrylic material and are precisely designed to fit particular car model. Sleek aerodynamic profile keeps windows dry in the rain, reduces wind noise and prevents cab from overheating when the car is parked outside. Quick and easy insight window channel installation without exterior tape ensures seamless OEM look and visual performance .