About Us

Since 2002 when our company appeared on the market, Dash Trim Kits and Door Pillars manufacturing was our main activity. Starting as a small group of enthusiast, we've grown into professional business. A network of local dealers and Asia branch with head office in Japan allow us to deliver best quality product to car owners in the United States and Worldwide. However, we came to the conclusion that just Dashboard Kits, Door Pillars and Car Model Lettering are not enough for our customers. Our Customer Service Team received many e-mails asking about various aftermarket accessories different from our main product. The only correct decision was to accumulate more aftermarket products in a single web store. Customers of any kind are important for us, so now we showcase own product together with a wide range of various aftermarket accessories from popular US makers.

Whether you think about interior upgrade or extra stylish accents for exterior, quality is what every driver looks for. Selecting correct and durable accessories is an important thing to care about, because well-chosen modifications will ensure long time satisfaction and duty. Quality in any aspect is our main goal. As manufacturers of Flat Premium Dash trim kits, Stainless Steel, Simulated Chrome and Di-NOC Carbon Fiber Pillars Posts, and Bumper/Tailgate Letters we have a team of designers working on new products and keeping existing ones up to date. Skilled and experienced staff makes sure that any product from our catalogue corresponds to visual and technical requirements, and strict quality control on every stage of productions results in 100% buyer's satisfaction. DashKitMall is an online business, that's why perfect customer care is our priority. Professional customer support team is here and willing to help with any product or matter. Our representatives work six days a week and make sure that any question or problem is properly addressed and gets qualified and professional response within 24 hours.

Finally, being a manufacturer gives us another wonderful advantage. We can and we do our best to keep lowest prices not only on Dash Trim Kits and Metal Door Pillars, but on all other products too. Direct business relations with well-known US manufacturers allow us to offer great accessories at most reasonable cost. We don't want our customers to pay more than product actually costs. Our prices are always fair, but we strive to make them even better by offering regular and seasonal discounts, deals and sales almost on any item in our online store.