About Door Pillars

About Door Pillars

Pillar Posts trim is one of the aftermarket car accessories our company is manufacturing. Different kinds of pillars help drivers to enhance exterior look, add few bright and modern accents and underline personal style of the car. Our Pillars Sets are available in three types of materials: Simulated Chrome, Real Stainless Steel and Real Carbon Fiber.

Here are few facts describing the difference between each type of materials used for Door Pillars.

Simulated Chrome - One of the most financially convenient types of Pillar Trims. At the same time its quality is comparable to expensive pillar posts. Material is always flexible, doesn't consolidate, so will never crack or rip and of course never rust… Simulated Chrome Pillars look exactly like mirrored stainless steel. Same gleam, same metal shine and same visual effect. Even from a few yards almost impossible to notice the difference between Simulated Chrome and stainless steel parts. It makes very good match to OEM metal window frames. Properties of material allow to cut parts of any shape and for any car model, which is not always possible when using real metal materials.

Di-NOC Carbon Fiber
this type of pillars is manufactured from new and revolutionary 3M Di-NOC Carbon Fiber film. Exclusively produced by 3M, famous for its unbeatable quality and sky-high reputation, Di-NOC is a new word in simulated materials. Di-NOC is high-end vinyl. It's not just carbon fiber pattern, but a three-dimensional textured surface. The main advantage and purpose of Di-NOC is to reflect light the way real carbon fiber does, but without raising material price. Actually today it is the closest imitation of real carbon fiber materials. Physical properties of Di-NOC film make it flexible and pliable. This allows to cut parts of any shape like all other simulated materials. Final product is sleek decal which covers entire stock pillar surface making it look like made from real carbon. In fact, it's almost impossible to find a difference even from few feet distance.
Di-NOC vinyl film is extremely easy to work with. In case if pillar was crookedly installed or got wrinkled, it could be carefully removed and repositioned. Unique technology and affordable price makes Di-NOC Carbon Fiber Door Pillars one of most convenient and attractive car accessories on the market.

Real Stainless Steel
 this is classic material used for Pillar Posts. Stainless Steel is tough, everlasting material. It's almost impossible to damage it and it is resistant to most mechanical impacts. Mirror polished surface together with beveled edges gives Real Stainless Steel pillars true factory look and chrome shine. Unfortunately Stainless Steel material has few production limits and it is not always possible to make metal pillars for particular car models, but they always can be made in Simulated Chrome or Real Carbon Fiber instead.

All types of Pillars do not require removal of factory parts and can be installed overtop of existing factory pillars posts. They do not require any special skills for installation and whole procedure takes only few minutes, which makes pillars probably the easiest and fastest method to change look of the vehicle. 

As a manufacturer, we can keep the lowest and most reasonable prices on the market. We pay special attention to quality and look of product that we offer. Our professional staff carefully engineers all kits to perfectly fit exact car model and designer team works hard investigating new and current models to permanently improve trim kits that we offer to your consideration. Each kit is thoroughly examined by Quality Control professionals on every production stage. Original 3M Backing Tape in combination with 3M Adhesive Promoter provides easy “Peel-n-Stick” installation and ensures that Pillars Posts kit will stick as it should, without peeling off and moving.