Chrome Pillars Installation - Chrome Door Pillars Installation Instruction


If you have any questions about your Door Pillars Set or the installation process please contact us BEFORE starting your installation. Installation will take 1-3 hours depending on kit size.

Dash Kit Package includes:

1 Door Pillars Set
1 Diagram
1 Isopropyl Alcohol Wipe
1 3M Adhesive Stick / Sachet

What you will need for your dash kit installation:

Hair Dryer or Heating Gun
Clean, Lint Free, Soft Cloth
15-20 minutes of time depending on your kit size

Download Installation Instruction

| Step 1

Clean the surface of the doors in the installation area using clean, lint free cloth and alcohol swabs or 3M Solvent 70, to remove all traces of residue, dust, dirt and grease. Dry the surface with soft paper or towel. For better result allow it to set for few minutes to make sure there is no moisture.

A test can be performed for cleanliness with ordinary masking tape, if the tape sticks easily to the cleaned surface the car is ready for installation, if not repeat the cleaning process and perform the test again.

| Step 2

Without removing protective tape separate pieces into pairs, front to front, rear to rear, and cross check them. Usually difference in size and shape between front and rear door pillars is minimal. However it exists and it is very important to check all parts before proceeding to installation. Pay special attention to length and side angles. Dry fit and check every piece on all doors and carefully mark each one to avoid mix up.

Very Important Note:  ALL pieces should be checked "dry-fit" before proceeding to Step 3. Immediately stop installation procedure and contact us even if one piece doesn't fit.

Any money back or refund requests based on fitting issues will be declined once the kit or partial pieces are installed. Only replacement and correction requests will be reviewed and accepted.

At this step, if you noticed fitting issue or are concerned about any part of the set, do not proceed to installation. Please contact us immediately at

| Step 3

Use the 3M Adhesive Promoter provided with your Pillars Set for better grip. It's not necessary to apply promoter to entire application area. Pay attention to perimeter and corners of application area and make couple of crossed strokes in the middle.

The 3M Adhesive Promoter Stick/Sachet will dry out in approximately 7-10 min, please make sure you apply it to all required surfaces BEFORE proceeding to Step 4.

| Step 4

Carefully, without removing 3M Backing Tape, warm back side of pillar with hairdryer (set to warm) or heat gun (set to low or medium). Keep the heat source at least 5" away from the pillar.

Attention! 3M backing should be warm, not hot. If overheated, 3M backing tape will become very flexible and will complicate installation procedure and reduce results.

| Step 5

Hold pillar by the edge to avoid touching adhesive surface. Partially peel back the backing tape from upper side of pillar for approximately 1 inch.

| Step 6

Without applying any pressure place upper side of the pillar in position and check if bottom is aligned correctly. If you're not satisfied with result, lift upper side of the pillar and reapply it.

When part is in correct position, remove remaining backing tape and stick entire pillar.

Thoroughly press down on the entire surface of the part to ensure a complete 'wet-out' of adhesion to the surface. Repeat steps 4-7 for each pillar included in your set.


| Step 7

Once done remove protective film from top shiny pillar surface.

| Step 8

Properly installed Door Pillars adds a distinctive touch of class to the vehicle.


Enjoy our product.

While we don't recommend another product specifically by name for cleaning your dash, you can use a chemical equivalent cleaner recommended by your local auto paint store. So long as the cleaner is a chemical equivalent, meaning the same active chemicals in the alternative are found in 3M Prep Solvent 70. DashKitMall does not sell 3M Prep Solvent 70 directly, however, you can purchase the cleaner at 3M's online web site at 3M Prep Solvent 70.